How to Demonstrate to Players

How to demonstrate to your players appropriately? Not all good players can be coaches, some are gifted to have patience and ability to teach aspiring soccer athletes while the others are not qualified to handle classes and trainings. Coaching is not easy but these guidelines might help soccer instructors to conduct lectures and field practices more effectively.


Be specific

Show your players or students the technique or scenario slowly and one by one. They have to see every detail and make sure that they get what you want them to understand. Focus with a particular strategy instead of squeezing a lot in a day.


Know their limits

Before you give them a preview of a new and harder technique, you have to recap some basic methods before the strenuous approach. Analyze your players’ proficiency, do not force them or expect them to do it perfectly right away. Know that they all have different level of skills.


Demonstrate not just once

Showing the players how to do it on repeat will help them master the skill faster. It starts with memorization before the actual training.

Let the players experience

After showing the new moves, you let each and every player to be hands on. By this practice, you will identify who needs improvement and who got it right. Students learn best when they try to do something on their own with proper guidance.


Ask for questions and feedbacks

Some students will not feel comfortable asking questions and others might feel shy to ask the teacher to explain further or repeat the demonstration. Encourage everyone to talk about the demo afterwards. Whether it is a simple statement from them or a meaningful analysis to share with the group.

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