Fundamental Skills in Soccer

Soccer is one of the most played games around the world. It is fun and exciting but the skills of each player would not be that good if they do not have a coach to practice them regularly. The coach mentors the goalkeeper and field players to develop and improve their talents to be ready for every game; although, these two roles has different skills that they need to master:


Like any other ball game, learning how to dribble is the first step that you need to learn. It is one of the fundamental skills that you have to be good at.


Since it is played with your team mates, you must know how to pass the ball safely. You can use your head, knees and of course feet to move the ball to your ally and avoid your opponents from stealing it. As you learn how to pass, you also develop your teamwork skills.


When you have the perfect moment and spot to shoot or you are already in front of the goal, make sure to kick the ball straight to the net. You must know how to assess distance and observe the movements of the goalie in a short period of time. You cannot plan or analyze while the opponents are already near you.


As a goalie, your responsibility is critical. The most essential skill is blocking; prevent the opposition team to shoot the ball to the goal using any part of your body. Yes, that means you have to do whatever it takes to stop the competitor from winning. A goalkeeper must move and think fast in order to save the team and get a score. But unlike the field players, goalkeepers cannot move far from the goal.

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