About Us

Hello! I am Dillon Ryder, a soccer player, part-time coach and sports enthusiast from Queensland. I grew up doing soccer most of the time and I learned a lot from it. I was a shy and sickly boy before I started joining some sports clinics. I developed a lot, mentally and physically because of the trainings and tournaments that I have been to.

I have two reasons why I write this blog, first, is to encourage boy and girls, kids or adults, to enjoy and discover soccer. Like any other sport, it develops sportsmanship, teamwork and patience. I prefer this game than anything else not just because it is one of the most famous sports in Australia, but it is perfect for everyone. Yes, you heard me right. Anybody can play this fun sport and it will definitely improve health as well.

Second, is to inspire my fellow soccer players to motivate themselves to teach young kids or even older people. Coaching is my passion but I believe that I was not born a teacher. I trained, attended seminars and symposiums on how I can develop my speaking and motivating abilities. I want to make people busy with more relevant activities such as soccer. I want them to improve and become a better person like what I have experienced.

I also offer free trainings for less fortunate kids every time I travel to other places. It makes me happier to see others have fun and learn.

Join me as I spread the word and knowledge on how we can benefit from doing sports most specially soccer. I encourage everyone to read my updates, blog posts and get engaged in discussions about soccer game and coaching not only in Australia, but anywhere in the world.